Erika Sigvardsdotter CV (may 2011)

Short version:

Visiting Research Scholar 2010 August – 2011 March
Department of Geography, Maxwell School of Syracuse University, NY, USA
Working with Associate Professor Alison Mountz.


PhD Human Geography 2007- Present
Department of Social and Economic Geography, Uppsala University, Sweden
Affiliated with the Doctoral Programme in Population Dynamics and Public Policy, Umeå University, Sweden
Working title of thesis: The Negotiated Border and Undocumented Bodies

University Diploma (Högskoleexamen), Statistics, 2006-2007
Umeå University, Sweden

MA (Magisterexamen) Human geography 2005-2006
Uppsala University, Sweden
Thesis title: Migration and Development in the Republic of Moldova –The Emergence and Impact of Migrants’ Social Networks

BA (Kandidatexamen) Human geography 2002-2005
Uppsala University, Sweden

Teaching Experience:
Undergraduate Course Lecturer, Uppsala University, 2007-Present
Department of Social and Economic Geography
Uppsala University, Sweden

Theses supervised:
Papperslösa barn i den svenska skolan – Skolor i Stockholms stad och deras policyer gentemot papperslösa barn
Bachelor thesis. 2011

Classes taught:
Economic geography (A-kurs), 2007-present
Introductory Geography (A-kurs), 2008-present
Intermediate Geography (B-kurs), 2008-present
Advanced Human geography (C-kurs) 2009-present
Landscapes of Europe, weeklong field course to France, 2008


2011 – Book review of Seeking Asylum. Human smuggling and Bureaucracy at the border by Alison Mountz. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space. 29 (3) (link)

2011 – Migration and Development in the Republic of Moldova –The Emergence and Impact of Migrants’ Social Networks, Saarbrücken: Lambert Academic Publishing

2011 – The tree, a translation of Trädet by Torgny Lindgren. Co-translated with Bradley L. Garrett. Asymptote Journal, April 2011. (link)

2011 – The realist magician from Västerbotten – A special feature on Torgny Lindgren. Co-authored with Bradley L. Garrett. Asymptote Journal, April 2011 (link)

2010 – Papperslösas rätt till vård: Bristen på lagstiftning lägger stort ansvar på vårdpersonalen [Undocumented migrants right to health: The lack of regulation puts main responsibility on the individual health worker], Läkartidningen, 107 (23) (link)

2007 – Migration of Women and Children in Eastern Europe, report produced for the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)

2006 – Migraţia şi dezvoltarea Republicii Moldova –apariţia reţelelor sociale ale migranţilor (în baza cercetărilor sociologice), in Eds. Moşneaga, V. et. al. Populaţia Republicii Moldova în contextul migraţiilor internaţionale Vol. II., Iaşi: Pan-Europe. (link)

2006 – Migration and Development in the Republic of Moldova –The Emergence and Impact of Migrants’ Social Networks, Arbetsrapporter Nr 602, Uppsala: Uppsala Universitet (Masters thesis)

2006 – Utvärdering av grund- och forskarutbildning i kulturgeografi och grundutbildning i geografi vid svenska universitet och högskolor, Rapport 2006:16 R, Högskoleverket, Contributing author (link)

2005 – New Migration Trends in the FSU: The Case of the Republic of Moldova, Arbetsrapporter Nr 564, Uppsala: Uppsala Universitet (Bachelor thesis)

Conference sessions, seminars, exhibitions

2011 (June) Co-organizer of Conference: Space and Place, Department of Social and Economic Geography, Uppsala University, Sweden

2010 (September) Co-organizer of conference session (with Lars Frers, University of Oslo and Lars Meier, Institute for Employment Research, Nürnberg) Absence. Materiality, embodiment, resistance, Royal Geographical Society with IBG Annual International Conference, London, The UK

2009 (January and October) Organizer and chair of the 1st and 2nd Bi-annual Uppsala University Department  of Social and Economic Geography PhD symposium, Uppsala, Sweden

2008 (May) Seminar co-organizer (with Charlotta Hedberg): Kvalitativa urval [Quantitative Samples], Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University, Sweden.

2005 (October-November) Exhibition organizer: Fotografier från Moldavien [Photographies of Moldova], Hugos Café and Stockholms Nation, Uppsala, Sweden.

2005 (October) Seminar organizer and chair: Method and Research Ethics in Post- communist Contexts, Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University, Sweden

Selected Presentations
2010 (September) Paper presentation: Resisted absence and absence as tactic – Undocumented in Stockholm say: “We are still here.” Royal Geographical Society with IBG Annual International Conference, London, The UK

2010 (May) Presentation: Borders in health care- Legislation and policy concerning health care provision for undocumented migrants (in Swedish), IMER-seminariet [Seminar series for International Migration and Ethnic Relations], Department of Sociology, Uppsala University, Sweden

2010 (April) Paper presentation: Institutional borders in health care for undocumented migrants – legislation, policy and practice, Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, Washington DC, USA.

2009 (December) Invited guest lecture: Papperslösa i Sverige? [Undocumented migrants in Sweden?], at the undergraduate course “Globalisering” [Globalization], Department of Urban and Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden

2009 (October) Presentation: Getting to know “hidden” rejected asylum seekers in Sweden – Children as gatekeepers, Methodological issues in capturing and understanding experiences of migration, Centre for Migration Policy Research. Swansea University, Wales

2009 (March) – Paper presentation: The Negotiated Border and the Migrant Body – Enactment and Experience in Health Care Provision for Undocumented Migrants in Sweden, Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, Las Vegas, USA.

2008 (October) Paper presentation: On the Formulation, Production and Practice of Migrant ”Illegality” in Sweden, CEIFO and SULCIS Conference, Internationell Migration: Utmaningar och Möjligheter, ett interdiciplinärt samtal [International Migration, Challenges and possibilities, an interdisciplinary dialogue], Stockholm, Sweden.

2008 (July) Invited guest lecture: Advanced Research Field Methods, Miljöer, resurser och försörjning i Centralasien [Environments, Resources and Sustenance in Central Asia] , Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University, Sweden.

2007 (June) Paper Presentation: Leaving or Staying in an Emigration Society, Nordic Geographers Meeting (NGM), Bergen, Norway.



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